May 24, 2024



25th April 2024, Nairobi County… Equity Group Foundation (EGF) is conducting its 15th Education and Leadership Congress for 23,101 Elimu and Wings to Fly scholars during the April school holiday break. Of the total scholars to attend this year’s Congresses, 2,574 will be refugee scholars from Dadaab and Kakuma.

The Congress is being held across the country under the theme “Educate, Empower, Lead: The Triad to Success.” The Congress will be held for 3 days in each region within the stipulated period. It is a key highlight of the leadership, mentoring, and social transformation programs run by Equity Group Foundation in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, Ministry of Education, the World Bank, the German Government through KfW, and other partners.

Equity Group Foundation and Equity Bank staff will be joined by representatives from the Ministry of Education, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Department of Refugee Services (DRS), Board Selection and Scholarship Committee Members, Captains of Industry, academia, and teacher champions from Kenya and around the world.

  • The Nairobi region congress hosted 3,307 scholars drawn from 3 counties and attached to 46 Equity Bank branches across the region who are currently pursuing their secondary education on full scholarships.
  • The Wings to Fly and Elimu scholarship programs provide comprehensive secondary school scholarships for bright and needy students across the country. To date, Equity Group Foundation and its partners has issued 60,009 comprehensive scholarships to scholars under the Wings to Fly scholarship program and the Elimu Scholarship Program.
  • The Congress is tailored to empower the scholars in the five key pillars that form the basis of the program. These include academic excellence, value-centered living, transformative leadership, giving back to society, and gender sensitization.
  • The scholars will engage with top corporate captains, government officials, religious leaders, academia, teachers, and other scholars in interactive plenary sessions aimed at challenging them to be creative and innovative in driving change within their homes, schools, and communities.
  • The Congress theme will focus on outlining the key components of scholarly excellence, values and leadership, and the daily programs will aim to inspire the scholars to unlock their potential and develop life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and resilience. The aim is to equip the scholars with a mindset of becoming principal agents of shaping their destinies through simple decisions they make in their everyday life.
  • During her welcoming speech, Florence Ngangari, the Principal of Pangani Girls School, expressed the value derived from the congress, stating, “Our institution has greatly benefited from participating in this congress annually. Additionally, it has been a fruitful source of student leaders among the girls who have been part of this program.”
  • Speaking while addressing the scholars, Julia Komunga, Starehe Subcounty Director of Education said, “The mentorship programs organized by Equity Group Foundation play a key role in shaping attitudes, learning cultures, and nurturing skills of students from an early age. This goes a long way towards ensuring they are better positioned to make important career choices and can comfortably adapt and solve challenges that exist within society.”
  • Equity Group Chief Operating Officer, Samuel Kirubi, said, “We want you to make the right decisions and walk consciously into your future,” he emphasized, highlighting the importance of active decision-making in shaping one’s destiny. Kirubi pointed to the success of the Group’s initiatives, noting, “There is evident demonstration that you can be in charge of your future. There have been over 60,000 students who have gone through this process; of these, 97% have completed secondary school. It is our hope that 100% of you will complete high school.” He commended the students for their resilience and achievements despite challenges, stating, “I congratulate you for overcoming so many obstacles to be where you are. You have already had a lot of learning through your experience so far. You all deserve to be where you are. Always be clear on who you want to be; being clear and resilient on what you want will drive you towards your goals. Remain focused at all times and be on top of all opportunities available to you.”
  • Kirubi also reminded the scholars of the opportunity that awaits those who score Grade ‘A’ and of joining the Pre-University paid internship program run by Equity Bank. To date, 8,878 internships have been offered by Equity Bank. Bright students who do well at Form Four are further supported to access leading global universities on full scholarship where to date, 914 scholars have proceeded to 211 universities across the world.
  • The holistic nature of the program makes it comprehensive and unique as it focuses on empowering the scholars through education, mentorship and coaching and encouraging them to invest their time in doing good by giving back to their communities.