July 18, 2024

Co-op Bank Shines as the Best Bank in Kenya for Customer Experience


Co-operative Bank of Kenya has yet again cemented its reputation as a leader in customer-centric banking by clinching the title of Over-all Best Bank in Kenya for Customer Experience. 

This prestigious recognition was awarded to Co-op Bank at the recent Kenya Bankers Awards, where it emerged as the top performer in the Tier one category and secured the Best Overall Bank accolade. 

This achievement marks the second consecutive year that Co-op Bank has been honored with this industry recognition, a testament to its unwavering commitment to understanding and serving the needs of its customers.

The Kenya Bankers Awards, which saw over 30,000 customers participate in the survey, highlighted Co-operative Bank’s unparalleled dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

In the survey, respondents ranked Co-op Bank as the best overall bank in customer experience, with NCBA Bank and Family Bank following closely behind.

Within the Tier I category, Co-operative Bank maintained its position at the top, with NCBA Bank and KCB Bank trailing in second and third place, respectively.

Dr. Gideon Muriuki, the Group Managing Director & CEO of Co-op Bank, expressed his gratitude for the award.

He emphasized the bank’s ongoing commitment to investing substantial resources in building teams, tools, and technologies to ensure a fulfilling customer experience across all service channels. 

Customer feedback, according to Dr. Muriuki, plays a pivotal role in shaping Co-op Bank’s customer-centric approach, enabling the bank to understand and respond to the evolving needs and preferences of its customers.

“Co-op Bank will continue to invest substantial resources in building the teams, the tools and the technologies to deliver a fulfilling customer experience across all our service channels,” he added.

Co-op Bank’s customer experience strategy revolves around meeting or exceeding customer expectations in both physical and digital spaces. To achieve this, Co-op Bank has implemented various initiatives aimed at improving the overall customer experience. 

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For instance, the bank has leveraged technology to move 94% of customer transactions to alternative delivery channels. This includes a 24-hour contact center, mobile banking, internet banking, and ATMs. 

Additionally, Co-operative Bank has established a dedicated Customer Experience (CX) Strategy team. Through annual customer satisfaction surveys and ongoing engagement initiatives, the bank seeks to gather valuable feedback from its customers. They then leverage it to enhance the overall customer experience.

Co-op Bank of Kenya continues to elevate the banking experience for its customers through a myriad of services and offerings designed to meet their evolving needs.

One such service is the co-op bank salary advance, which provides customers with a convenient solution to address short-term financial needs. 

With flexible terms and conditions, the salary advance ensures that customers can access funds promptly and affordably when unforeseen expenses arise. Additionally, Co-op Bank offers a top-up option for existing salary loans, enabling customers to increase their loan amounts as needed.

The e loan co-operative facility caters to customers seeking quick and hassle-free access to funds. Whether it’s for emergencies, school fees, or personal expenses, the e-loan offers a seamless application process and rapid disbursement. 

For larger financial requirements, Co-op Bank provides loans of up to Ksh 50,000, with transparent terms and conditions to empower customers in making informed financial decisions.

In line with its commitment to convenience and accessibility, the co-operative bank mobile loans are applied conveniently through their mobile devices.

The bank’s mobile banking charges are minimal, with M-banking transactions priced at KES 35 and M-banking bulk transactions at KES 57. 

Additionally, Co-op Bank provides free M-pesa deposits, ensuring that customers can manage their finances with ease and affordability.

Co-op Bank’s digital payment solution, PesaLink, enhances the customer experience by enabling low-cost transfers between banks. With PesaLink, customers can send or receive money ranging from Ksh 10 to Ksh 999,999.

Co-op Bank further ensures transparency in its fee structure. It has no charges for ATM withdrawals and free transactions for receiving money into a Co-opBank Business account via the co-operative bank paybill number 400222 or 400200.

The co-operative bank customer care provides easy access for customers seeking assistance or information.

By dialing the co-operative bank ussd code *667# or contacting customer service at 020 2776000 / 0736 690101 / 0703 027000, customers can receive prompt and personalized support for their banking needs.