July 18, 2024

DTB Reports an Increase in Profit after Tax in FY2023


Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) Group delivered an impressive performance in its FY2023 financial results, with profits up 28.6% after tax to Kshs 7.79 billion over the previous year. This impressive growth reflects DTB’s ability to capitalize on strategic loan growth, diversify income streams, and maintain a focus on expense management.

One of the cornerstones of DTB’s success is the massive expansion of its credit portfolio. Consumer lending recorded a robust growth of 21.6%, to Kshs 308.45 billion. 

This growth is driven by DTB’s diversified loan portfolio catering to a wide range of customer needs. Products like the instant-disbursement Weza loan and flexible term loans for capital expenditure provide convenient and adaptable financing solutions, attracting a broader customer base. 

DTB’s financial performance was further strengthened by a circular strategy that included both interest income and non-interest income.

Net income, which represents income from loans and interest-bearing assets, rose sharply by 33.1% to Kshs 53.31 billion. 

The increase was due to an increase in loan disbursements and potential increase in interest rates. However, it should be noted that interest expense also grew faster (49.8%) compared to interest income.

This suggests that DTB may have offered higher interest rates on deposits to attract more funds, thereby increasing their borrowing costs.

Despite these developments, DTB managed to achieve a healthy 20.5% growth in interest income. This highlights the bank’s ability to effectively manage the interest rate environment and generate returns from its core lending activities.

In terms of non-interest income, DTB recorded an impressive 34.3% growth, to Kshs 12.15 billion. This growth may be due to the bank’s policies towards cash-based services.

This includes commissions on foreign currency transactions, wealth management products and other ancillary services. 

By expanding its service portfolio, DTB reduces its reliance on interest-only income and provides greater liquidity. This diversification strategy protects the bank against potential changes in interest rates and ensures a sustainable financial future.

Although DTB recorded significant increases in both revenues, it is important to acknowledge the increase in total operating expenses which increased by 39.8% to Kshs 30.87 billion.

This increase might be due to factors such as investments in cutting-edge technology, branch network expansion, or employee compensation.

These investments are necessary to maintain competitiveness in the evolving economic environment.

However, what is truly impressive is DTB’s ability to achieve a significant profit increase (28.6%) despite rising costs. This shows that the bank is committed to efficiency and its ability to effectively manage costs. This focus on cost optimization ensures that a higher share of revenue will translate into healthier profitability.

DTB’s strong financial performance also translates into positives for investors. The bank announced a 20% increase in total dividend per share to Kshs 6.00. This commitment to share value reflects the bank’s appreciation for investor trust and confidence.

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By sharing a large portion of its profits, DTB strengthens its relationship with shareholders and positions itself as an attractive investment opportunity.

DTB’s commitment to innovation extends beyond traditional banking methods. The bank’s robust digital banking platform, accessible through the dtb paybill number (516600) and dtb ussd code (*382#), has significantly contributed to its financial growth.

These convenient channels allow customers to make fast and secure transactions 24/7, reducing reliance on physical branches and increasing overall efficiency. 

Whether it’s paying bills, checking account balances, or topping up mobile airtime, the dtb bank user-friendly digital platform empowers customers to manage their finances on their own terms.

This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also translates into increased transaction volume and reduced operational costs for the bank. 

Additionally, the dtb customer care hotline (0111 189210) provides prompt assistance to customers navigating the digital platform, further contributing to a seamless banking experience.