July 18, 2024

Leadership Shifts: Reflecting on Rebecca Mbithi’s Impact as CEO of Family Bank

Family bank

Rebecca Mbithi, the Chief Executive Officer of Family Bank, has concluded her five-year term in leadership. The medium-sized lender, in a statement to newsrooms, announced her departure, citing her decision to pursue other personal interests. 

Having previously served as the company secretary and chief legal officer, Ms. Mbithi hands over the reins to Nancy Njau, an internal appointee, as the bank looks ahead to its future journey.

Rebecca Mbithi, who assumed the role in September 2019, significantly impacted Family Bank’s trajectory. Her leadership saw the bank successfully navigate challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Notably, in June 2021, family bank exceeded expectations, raising Sh4.42 billion in the first tranche of a corporate bond offer, reflecting her adept management and strategic initiatives.

“We would like to sincerely thank Rebecca Mbithi for her immense contribution to Family Bank’s journey,” said Dr Wilfred Kiboro, the chairman of Family Bank’s Board of Directors.

“She steered Family Bank to steady growth in profitability while offering even greater value in products and services to customers,” Dr Kiboro added.

Under Rebecca Mbithi’s leadership, family bank witnessed significant strides in digital banking services. The introduction and enhancement of features like the family bank internet banking showcased a commitment to customer-centric innovations. 

These advancements contributed to the bank’s modernization, aligning its services with evolving customer expectations and industry trends.

Family Bank, during Rebecca Mbithi’s tenure, witnessed significant strides in customer relations and care. The bank implemented enhanced customer service strategies, leading to noteworthy improvements in customer satisfaction. 

Through a commitment to customer-centric initiatives, family bank aimed to deliver an exemplary banking experience and foster lasting relationships with its clientele.

Family Bank witnessed notable advancements in payment methods under Rebecca Mbithi’s leadership. The introduction of a paybill system and the family bank ussd code marked significant strides, simplifying banking processes for customers and enhancing overall accessibility and convenience.

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Rebecca Mbithi’s tenure was marked by the creation of diverse family bank career opportunities and robust initiatives for employee development. Her leadership prioritized fostering an environment conducive to career growth, ensuring staff had the tools and opportunities needed for professional advancement within the institution.

Rebecca Mbithi’s departure from family bank was attributed to her pursuit of personal interests, as stated in the official announcement by the bank. 

Commending Rebecca Mbithi for her impactful leadership, family bank looks ahead to a promising future under new leadership. The institution encourages a seamless transition and envisions continued growth and success, building on the foundation laid by Mbithi’s contributions. The bank expresses gratitude for her tenure and anticipates sustained positive momentum.

For seamless communication, the family bank contacts are: +254 (0) 703 095 445 or +254 (0) 703 095 000. These open channels ensure accessibility for inquiries and information, fostering a responsive and supportive connection with customers and stakeholders.