July 18, 2024

Raisin Capital’s Success in Facilitating a Transformative Shares Purchase Agreement for SMEP Microfinance Bank

Raisin Capital

In a significant milestone for Kenya’s financial sector, Raisin Capital, an esteemed African Capital Raising advisory firm headquartered in Nairobi, effectively orchestrated a new shares purchase agreement for SMEP Microfinance Bank. 

This strategic maneuver, granted approval by the Central Bank of Kenya, entails HOPE International securing a controlling 51% stake in SMEP. 

Raisin Capital’s role as a prominent figure in financial services is underscored by its expertise in guiding businesses through the intricacies of capital raising. The firm’s specialized team of investment professionals excels in assessing business eligibility, preparing companies for capital raising, facilitating matchmaking with suitable investors, and overseeing transactions through to their conclusion.

What distinguishes raisin capital is its commitment to serving as a comprehensive capital-raising partner to its clients. This surpasses conventional advisory roles, as the firm actively accompanies entrepreneurs and promoters, offering support throughout the often challenging journey of capital raising.

The recently finalized equity deal overseen by raisin capital carries profound implications. HOPE International’s acquisition of a 51% controlling stake in SMEP indicates a strategic shift for the microfinance bank. Notably, the endorsement from the Central Bank of Kenya adds a layer of regulatory legitimacy, underscoring the transaction’s significance.

The success of this intricate financial transaction illuminates raisin capital’s proficiency in navigating complexities. By facilitating such deals, the firm not only contributes to the individual growth of businesses but also plays a pivotal role in the broader economic development of the region.

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Symon Kamore, CEO of SMEP Microfinance Bank, emphasized the importance of fortifying SMEP’s position and mission, acknowledging raisin capital’s strategic guidance in this transformative journey.

“With HOPE International’s experience in the microfinance sector, we are strengthening SMEP’s current position as a competitive and growing institution. Furthermore, because of HOPE’s Christ-centered values, this Investment allows us to deliver well on our core mission to help Kenyan families address material and spiritual poverty,” she stated.

Francis Nasyomba, Lead Transaction Advisor at raisin capital, shed light on the broader implications of the deal, noting that it represented a paradigm shift in investor focus. He emphasized that raisin capital took pride in shaping impactful transactions that extended beyond mere financial considerations.

“The successful conclusion of this equity-based transaction marks a significant milestone not only for SMEP Microfinance Bank and HOPE International but also for Raisin Capital. Our team’s relentless dedication, focus and aligned support to the client has paved the way for sustainable growth, impact and development for SMEP customers and stakeholders, demonstrating the immense potential of Kenya’s economic landscape and encapsulating Raisin’s core value of focusing on the client. This transaction also marks a great shift in investor focus from solely financial performance to purpose driven investments,” Mr. Nasyomba said.

The equity deal is poised to substantially enhance SMEP’s competitiveness and pave the way for accelerated growth. HOPE International’s global expertise in microfinance positions Kenya as an appealing destination for impact-seeking capital, solidifying the microfinance sector’s role in the nation’s economic landscape.

Raisin Capital’s commitment to supporting economic progress in East Africa resonates throughout its involvement in this transaction. The firm’s catalytic role in driving transformative change within the financial sector proves instrumental in unlocking opportunities and driving prosperity.

The shares purchase agreement carries broader economic implications for Kenya, significantly contributing to the country’s economic development, fostering job creation, and shaping the financial landscape.

Raisin Capital’s successful facilitation of the equity deal with SMEP Microfinance Bank not only underscores the firm’s proficiency in capital raising but also highlights its dedication to being a transformative force in the economic landscape of East Africa. 

As the region envisions sustained growth, raisin capital’s strategic advisory role in impactful transactions positions it as a key player in driving prosperity and shaping the future of African finance.