July 18, 2024

Equity Bank Recognized as Africa’s Most Admired Financial Services Brand

Equity Bank Recognized as Africa's Most Admired Financial Services Bran

Equity Bank has been recognized as the Africa most admired financial services brand according to the prestigious 2024 Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands report. This recognition signifies equity bank’s unwavering dedication to understanding the needs of its customers across East and Central Africa, consistently delivering exceptional financial solutions.

The Brand Africa 100 report is a highly respected annual ranking of the most admired brands on the African continent. For over a decade, Brand Africa 100 has established itself as the definitive benchmark for brands across Africa. Their research, conducted by independent partners, spans an impressive 30+ countries, encompassing over 85% of Africa’s GDP and population.

The research delves into sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, and the East African islands, providing a comprehensive understanding of brand perception across the continent. The Mail & Guardian first published the report in 2011, and African Business has published it annually since then.

Brand Africa, established in 2010, transcends the realm of mere brand ranking. It serves as a powerful intergenerational movement that aspires to inspire a brand-led African renaissance. This movement aims to drive the continent’s competitiveness, foster deeper connections within Africa, and create a positive image for Africa on the global stage.

Equity Bank offers a comprehensive suite of financial services, encompassing investment management, wealth transfer planning, retirement planning, risk management, business succession planning, private banking, lending, savings, treasury management services, and insurance. This comprehensive approach ensures that Equity Bank caters to a wide range of financial needs across its customer base.

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Equity Bank’s impact on Africa’s financial landscape is undeniable. Just last month, they significantly expanded their money transfer services to over 30 countries through a strategic partnership with Mastercard, a global leader in payment platforms. This collaboration aims to enhance financial inclusion by enabling faster, more secure, and more cost-effective cross-border transactions.

The partnership leverages Mastercard’s established network to facilitate these enhanced money transfer services. Customers can now enjoy cost-effective international transactions with no landing fees, aligning perfectly with the evolving payment landscape and making financial services more accessible for a broader range of customers. Stakeholders, including senders, will benefit from reduced costs and secure remittances facilitated by Mastercard’s global network and brand recognition.

Earlier this year, Equity bank were also confirmed as Kenya’s most valuable brand and the second strongest banking brand in the World’s Top 10 Strongest Banking Brands according to data from Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy. It was Equity Group’s third consecutive appearance in the Brand Finance Banking 500 rankings.

The recognition highlighted a 1% increase in brand value, reaching KES 65.8 billion. Furthermore, Equity Bank maintained an impressive Brand Strength Index score of 92.46, demonstrating remarkable consistency compared to its 2023 score of 92.43.