July 18, 2024

Kenyan Women Choose Equity Bank as Their Preferred Banking Partner: Survey Reveals

Equity Bank

Equity Bank has clinched the top spot as the leading banking brand for Kenyan women for the third consecutive year. This is according to a recent survey conducted by IPSOS and BSD Group. 

The survey, encompassing over 1,000 adult women from all eight former provinces in Kenya, delves into the holistic consumption habits of women.

It sheds light on their financial needs and preferences, providing valuable insights for businesses seeking to bridge the gap between brands and female consumers. 

The IPSOS and BSD Group survey reveals Equity Bank’s dedication to women’s financial empowerment. It points out Equity bank’s multifaceted strategy, encompassing financial literacy programs, premium banking products, and tailored loan options for female entrepreneurs.

On overall, Equity Bank was ranked third, with giants like M-Pesa and Safaricom securing the first and second position respectively.

Equity Bank’s success in this survey can be attributed to its multifaceted approach aimed at empowering women financially. The bank has leveraged technology to dismantle barriers to financial access, offering innovative solutions like Boostika. 

This revolutionary feature allows Equity customers to conduct transactions even with insufficient funds, providing a crucial safety net and fostering financial flexibility.

Furthermore, Equity has prioritized the digitization of its banking platform through upgrades to Equity Mobile and Equity Online.

The enhanced platform caters to a wide range of financial goals, offering options for saving and investing, whether for unforeseen circumstances, short-term aspirations, or long-term objectives. 

The platform also includes digital lending services, premium cards, and Supreme Banking services, solidifying Equity’s dedication to empowering women across all financial spectrums.

Equity Bank’s commitment extends beyond traditional banking services. The institution actively supports female entrepreneurs and young businesswomen nationwide.

They offer comprehensive financial literacy programs available at every branch, equipping women with the knowledge and skills to navigate the financial landscape confidently.

Additionally, Equity provides accessible loan options for registered groups (women’s groups, youth groups, self-help groups, etc.). Through the Pamoja Group Loan, both registered groups and individual members can access funding to support their businesses and achieve entrepreneurial goals.

This initiative fosters collaboration and financial independence among women-led enterprises.

The survey findings highlight the growing importance of recognizing women as key decision-makers. This isn’t just within their households but also in the spheres of business, leadership, education, agriculture, and healthcare. 

Eva Muraya, Founder and CEO of BSD Group, emphasizes this point, stating that “the study showcases the holistic consumption habits of women consumers while seeking to reinforce the importance of women as key decision makers.”

Chris Githaiga, Ipsos Country Manager for Kenya, echoes this sentiment, congratulating the top-ranked brands for their dedication to understanding the unique needs and preferences of Kenyan women consumers. 

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He emphasizes that “marketing to women is about recognizing their desires, challenges, and crafting solutions that address them.” The top brands, according to Githaiga, have transcended the realm of functional service delivery by fostering emotional connections and building trust with their female clientele.

Ipsos is a market research firm that provides information on brands, markets, people, and society. Ipsos uses surveys, polls, social media, and other data to provide insights into the opinions of consumers, customers, patients, and citizens. Ipsos also collects and processes data to measure the impact of business activities and marketing.  

BSD Group is a company that includes four companies: Brand Strategy & Design Limited, Avid Public Relations Ltd, Whiteboard Advertising Limited, and Brandquad Africa Limited.  

For customers seeking assistance or information, the equity bank customer care services are accessible via the equity bank contact at 0763 000 000.

Additionally, customers can utilize the equity bank ussd code, *247#, for convenient access to banking services on their mobile devices. 

For those requiring in-person support, equity bank branches are conveniently located across Kenya, ensuring accessibility for all customers. Moreover, individuals interested in joining Equity Bank’s team can explore the available equity bank job opportunities. 

As part of its offerings, the various types of loans in equity bank, including fixed-rate loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), cater to diverse financial needs.

Furthermore, customers can easily make transactions using equity bank paybill number, 247247, and for international transactions, the equity bank swift code is EQBLKENA.